Holistic Massage Therapy 

At Ambika, we take a holistic approach to massage therapy and incorporate a variety of therapeutic techniques, herbal care, and aromatherapy into our treatments in order to meet the specific needs of each client. Our skilled massage therapists have training in modalities ranging from therapeutic techniques to energetic balancing. Every treatment includes Ambika's award winning apothecary at no extra charge (only use of our Cannabis Massage Oil comes with an additional fee). The body is a culmination of many different systems, and our treatments all seek to restore a sense of balance and rejuvenation to those systems. We focus on your comfort and goals, be they injury rehabilitation, sports performance, circulatory enhancement, or simply relaxation.

Ayurvedic Spa

Ayurvedic bodywork utilizes organic skincare to nourish the tissues along with traditional massage therapy techniques to help balance your dosha, or mind-body constitution. Ayurvedic bodywork is unique in that it seeks to open energy pathways in order to lift stagnant energy and accumulated toxins (ama). The goals of ayurvedic bodywork are often either tonification or detoxification. Tonification refers to strengthening and rejuvenating the body; detoxification refers to cleansing or purifying. Detoxification therapies encompass purva karma, which is the preceding stage to pancha karma, in which stuck ama in the body is loosened so that it can be removed during pancha karma. The treatments often leave clients energized, rejuvenated and with a sense of clarity.  Ayurvedic treatments include warm herbalized oils, chakra aromatherapy blends, and aromatic plant hydrosols customized to your dosha.

Herbal Apothecary

Ever wonder what products are being used while you're getting a massage? If you think about it, a massage provides an opportunity for your skin to "ingest" a whole lot of ingredients. Use this opportunity to nourish your skin with our Colorado handmade remedies. We use our own herbal apothecary in all of our treatments, which are completely natural and biodegradable. Our award-winning skin care line includes ayurvedic tailams (herbal body oils), cannabidiol (CBD) remedies, aromatic hydrosols, and skin care rituals. Our apothecary is the result of years of testing and trials within our massage treatment studio. We have formulated based on the needs of our local clientele living here in Colorado, who are exposed to extreme weather conditions and engage in strenuous sports and work activities. We pride ourselves in formulating with well-thought out ingredients that have the intention to support your own health and healing.

The spirit is life; the mind is the builder; the physical is the result.
— Edgar Cayce