Holistic Skin Care


We believe that skin care is essential when living in the mountains. This environment constantly exposes us to to dry and cold air which prematurely ages the skin. Our facial treatments are intended to replenish the skin with moisture, essential fatty acids, and healing antioxidants.

With our Holistic Skin Care services we are developing new herbal products, featuring hemp extract as an ingredient to potentiate the formulas. This is a full spectrum hemp extract, so if you are or will be in a position to be drug tested, please be aware that there is a trace amount of THC present. The extract used comes from agricultural hemp that is legally grown in Colorado under the Colorado Department of Agriculture, and is not from marijuana. There is emerging research on the effects of cannabinoids from hemp extract and its regulation of sebum production and skin cell growth, making it a valuable addition to skin care. Its use on the skin, where endocannabinoid receptors are naturally present, can assist in both dry and oily skin conditions, acneic skin, and mature, damaged skin, making it a powerful anti-aging and balancing plant ally.


Each treatment will include our signature herbal products. Some are familiar, some new. We look forward to sharing them with you and receiving your feedback as they continue to evolve. Soon they will be available in our boutique!

60-minute facials include facial steaming, extractions and facial massage, in addition to a foundational routine utilizing the following products:

Vimala Cleanser — a gentle foaming wash with skin benefitting oils of turmeric + rose geranium

Ubtan Beauty Scrub — powdered ayurvedic herbs + moroccan lava clay gently draw out impurities and improve local circulation

Divya Toner — hemp hydrosol delivers exfoliating plant acids + aloe vera extract soothes irritations

Chandra Face Cream — collagen-enhancing pearl powder + jasmine extract to smooth and moisturize

Dristhi Eye Balm — calming chamomile + soothing pomegranate seed oil for rejuvenation of the delicate under-eye area

Surya Face Serum — an antioxidant cocktail of carrot seed, rosehip + sea buckthorn oils

An extended, 90-minute facial is available to include further ayurvedic oiling of the scalp and ears. This encourages lymphatic flow around the head and neck and alleviates signs of vata, promoting deeper relaxation and skin health. This utilizes the additional products of:

Soma Scalp Serum — rejuvenates the hair + scalp while promoting relaxation

Karna Purana — softening ear oil with mullein + lavender flowers