Craniosacral Therapy & TMJD

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder often causes severe pain or discomfort.  Because TMJ is often linked to a myriad of causes, it is often difficult to treat. Craniosacral Therapy is an effective, noninvasive treatment for TMJD as it seeks to address the underlying causes of the disorder.

TMJD occurs when there is dysfunction in the temporomandibular joint, the joint that is responsible for opening and closing the mouth.  Dysfunction can manifest as pain or tenderness in the muscles of the jaw; radiating facial, jaw or neck pain; limited movement or locking of the jaw; migraine headaches; and/or painful clicking or popping of the jaw.  The most common causes of this disorder include trauma or injury to the teeth or jaw; stress; misalignment of the jaw; poor posture; grinding of the teeth; disease; and arthritis.

Craniosacral Therapy seeks to alleviate the painful symptoms of TMJD through a gentle, noninvasive, but highly effective approach.  The craniosacral system includes the sacrum, spinal column, brain, and the cerebral spinal fluid that both protects and nourishes the brain and spinal cord. During craniosacral therapy, the practitioner gently holds the cranium and the sacrum, feeling the subtle rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid. The intention of the treatment is to bring the nervous system back into balance and is especially helpful at modulating discomforts of the head and neck.

Clients feel deep relaxation, often falling asleep or into a meditative state. Energetic sensations are released and an integration is felt throughout the body. Schedule yours today & feel the benefits!