Breckenridge massage studio

Neuromuscular Therapy

A clinical style of massage that targets muscular dysfunction and injury, this massage brings focused work to muscle groups that are presenting with or referring pain. Add-on Shanti Hemp Massage Oil for added relief with arnica and cannabidiol extracts.

Prenatal Massage

Massage during pregnancy is a healthy way to relax and ease muscular tension. During the second and third trimesters it can be especially helpful as ligaments begin to stretch, pressure develops on the abdominal organs, and the center of gravity changes. Prenatal massage is considered safe during all trimesters, so long as there are no contra-indicating medical conditions.

Oncology Massage

Offered through the Shaw Regional Cancer Center's Spirit of Survivorship Program. Massage therapy is performed with consideration for present and past medical treatments. It is a way for patients to feel good in their bodies and enhance quality of life while relieving stress. Oncology massage is appropriate during all stages.

Medical Massage

We bill to worker's compensation and auto-insurance and are a preferred provider of massage therapy with Pinnacol Assurance. FSAs accepted. If you have an HSA, massage therapy can be included in your tax-deductible spending. Please contact us for the necessary forms to initiate treatment.