CLARY SAGE hydrosol infused with tourmaline crystal under the full moon. 

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THE VISION: A flower water, also known as a hydrosol, is the water-soluble distillate of flowers. It is a gentle form of aromatherapy that can be misted directly onto the skin for immediate hydration. Because flower waters are naturally pH-balancing, they make effective facial toners.

THE PROCESS: Pure hydrosol artisinally distilled from biodynamic clary sage, grown and harvested under Mount Sopris. Infused with tourmaline crystal and set under the full moon to amplify vibrational frequencies.

THE EXPERIENCE: CLARY SAGE can be applied as a facial toner, body mist, or environmental spray for your personal space. Spray over self and environs to cleanse and uplift energy and to hydrate skin. CLARY SAGE has a balancing scent that is commonly used to balance emotions and hormones. TOURMALINE is infused to balance the body's energy centers, aligning the chakras and to protect against negativity [source: Love is in the Earth].

SUGGESTED USE: After cleansing skin with BEAUTY SCRUB, mist a FLOWER WATER over face to tone and apply FACIAL SERUM to lock in moisture.

INGREDIENTS: salvia sclarea* hydrosol & tourmaline crystal. *organic

60 ml | 2 fl oz

recyclable/reusable packaging & biodegradable contents