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 Cosmically Created Beauty for Every Day Self Care



Indulge in the highest quality skin and body care rituals. Our products are rooted in ayurveda and grounded with fresh herbs from local farms, including full spectrum hemp, calendula, lavender, mallow, vervain and many more. We believe in caring for the skin as an act of devotion. Anointing the body brings us back to our true spirit, in which we feel a kindred spirit with nature and with humanity.

learn about our ingredients

We meticulously source our botanical ingredients from artisan farms, and infuse them in-house during the waxing moon phase. This process allows us to deeply to connect with the plants and in turn produce fresh, potent products. By bringing pure ingredients into our bodies we are able to realize the mystic experience of nature. We protect what we know. We nurture what we love. Learn more about what makes our process unique.

meet our practitioners

With a combined experience of thirty years, we offer a dedicated and knowledgable staff in the healing arts. Each practitioner is fully licensed and/or certified in her profession and dedicated to her area of practice.