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Our hemp is grown outdoors using natural methods on the Eastern Plains of Colorado. Growing medicinal herbs outdoors rather than in greenhouses slightly stresses the plants so that they produce more of the medicinal compounds. These compounds are known as secondary metabolites and are produced as much as for the plant as for us. In the plant, they are defenses agains insects, UV radiation, or to attract pollinators. In us, they respond to our endocannabinoid system to help us regulate a multitude of physiologic processes. In order to retain as many of the cannabinoids as possible, the plants are brought to an extraction facility and processed through carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction. This unique method does not utilize any chemical solvent, but rather a supercritical state extracts both gas and liquid-soluble compounds from the plant, giving us the full spectrum including CBD, THC, and variable cannabinoids like CBN and CBG. In addition, the phytonurtrients of the plant including essential fatty acids, amino acids, and volatile aromatic compounds called terpenes are coaxed through this process. The synergy of all of these molecules are what form the entourage effect.


Sourcing herbs locally is the most sustainable method we employ to keep our carbon footprint down. Ingredients have a shorter distance to travel, and we are impacting our immediate ecosystem by supporting regenerative agricultural methods. Our herbs are either certified organic or naturally grown. In certain cases, we wild harvest herbs that are abundant in our vicinity, such as yarrow, sage, violet and dandelion. This allows us the opportunity to connect to our environment in a meaningful way and has become a soothing and grounding practice as we interact with our ecosystem. The farms that we visit allow us to forage their fields to pick our own herbs so that they can be freshly infused into our products. We solar infuse the herbs for a full lunar cycle, extruding their medicinal compounds of polyphenols, polysaccharides, tannins, mucilage, and glucosides as well as vitamins and minerals.

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Oils make up the majority of the ingredients of any formula, and therefore we strive to only use organic and virgin (cold-pressed) oils. We’ve found that the less oils are processed, the longer their bioavailability extends to us and and their plant nutrition remains intact. We work with an ethical, scrupulous distributor to source fresh virgin oils that are fair-trade and organic. The oils become the basis of our formulas and provide deep nourishment to the skin. Many of the oils contain essential fatty acids, amino acids, and even phytonutrients such as carotenoids as observed through their vibrant color. Ayurveda teaches that oiling the body is a vital practice to protect the skin and nourish the underlying tissues, keeping the physical form healthy and supple. Additionally, plant oils serve to reduce transdermal moisture loss as they create an effective, breathing barrier. In contrast, petroleum based ingredients such as petrolatum and paraffin cover the skin without allowing for air exchange, fostering a constant state of dryness without nourishment.

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Essential oils are concentrated, lipophilic molecules that are coaxed from fresh plant material via water or steam distillation. It is important to remember that essential oils represent only a fraction of all of the molecules a plant contains, and therefore are more drug-like than any other herbal substance. Using them sparingly in our formulas, they provide an amazing sensory experience which directly connects us to our limbic system through olfactory nerves. For many of us this evokes memories and emotions. The aromatic compounds of essential oils have been studied extensively and are reported to affect the integumentary system (hair, skin, and nails), the digestive system, and the nervous system. Our essential oils become the bioactive compounds of our formulas and serve a purpose both to enhance the supporting ingredients and to interact with our senses to encourage cellular renewal, skin healing, and tranquility.

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