ANAHATA is a heart-centering oil with a sweet floral scent. Notes of ROSE otto & CHAMPACA flower + MALACHITE gemstone essence.

By enhancing the energy of the HEART CHAKRA, this blend can help you OPEN TO DIVINE LOVE.

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THE ENERGY OF THE EARTH // MALACHITE crystal brings gentle comfort to the heart chakra and can assist in letting go of past trauma, grievances, and even experiences from past lives. It helps one to find serenity in life (source: Love is in the Earth).

THE SPIRIT OF THE PLANTS // ROSE helps to dispel anger and grief and has an emotionally calming & cooling energy. CHAMPACA flower is radiant & sweet. This blend can help to energize and open the HEART CHAKRA.

THE LIGHT OF THE MOON // This sacred perfume is infused under the full moon with gemstone crystals.

Contains organic jojoba oil & pure essential oils, resins, & CO2 extracts + gemstone essence. No synthetic fragrances or solvent-extracted ingredients are used.

Presented in a violet glass bottle with roll-on applicator and packaged in a kraft box with a dreamy photograph of the COLORADO ROCKY MOUNTAINS.