SAHASRARA is a sharp, green, expansive spice with notes of LAVENDER flower & FRANKINCENSE resin + AMETHYST gemstone essence.

By enhancing the energy of the CROWN CHAKRA, this blend can help you CONNECT TO DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS.

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THE ENERGY OF THE EARTH // AMETHYST crystal is helpful in connecting to one's spirituality and heightening spiritual awareness. it can be used to protect against and clear malevolent forces. source: Love is in the Earth

THE SPIRIT OF THE PLANTS // FRANKINCENSE is a resin that is used in ceremony & consecration as it helps to open SAHASRARA, the crown chakra & connect the user to spiritual awakening. LAVENDER's violet color reinforces the crown chakra & helps to manifest one's potential.

THE LIGHT OF THE MOON // This sacred perfume is infused under the full moon with gemstone crystals to provide spiritual support.

Contains organic jojoba oil & pure essential oils, resins, & CO2 extracts + gemstone essence. No synthetic fragrances or solvent-extracted ingredients are used.

Presented in a violet glass bottle with roll-on applicator and packaged in a kraft box with a dreamy photo of the COLORADO ROCKY MOUNTAINS.