SWADHISTANA is a sensuous floral encompassing a voluptuous balsamic scent with notes of JASMINE & BITTER ORANGE blossom + MOONSTONE gemstone essence.

By enhancing the energy of the SACRAL CHAKRA, this blend can help you FIND YOUR FLOW.

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THE ENERGY OF THE EARTH // MOONSTONE crystal is helpful in sorting out that which is needed in one's life versus that which is wanted. It can assist in sustaining, maintaining, and understanding one's destiny, bringing support and a sustaining force (source: Love is in the Earth).

THE SPIRIT OF THE PLANTS // JASMINE is known as the queen of flowers. This is an organic extract, processed without the use of hexane. It connects the user to SWADHISTANA, the sacral chakra. NEROLI is also known as bitter orange blossom; its essential oil is used to reduce anxiety & inspire confidence.


THE LIGHT OF THE MOON // This sacred perfume is infused under the full moon with gemstone crystals to provide spiritual support.

Contains organic jojoba oil & pure essential oils, resins, & CO2 extracts + gemstone essence. No synthetic fragrances or solvent-extracted ingredients are used.

Presented in a violet glass bottle with roll-on applicator and packaged in a kraft box with a dreamy photo of the COLORADO ROCKY MOUNTAINS.